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2023   "Witches of New York" (tv pilot)

            "Intertidal" (short)

            "Untitled Double Edge theater doc", feature film documentary in post-production

            "Untitled Santa Fe Opera doc", feature film documentary in post-production

2022   "Lumia" - a teaser for the feature film currently in pre-production

            "Dear True', music video for Diamond Booms (Austin, TX)

            'Ojibwa Warrior', feature film documentary on the legacy of A.I.M. leader Dennis Banks

2021    'On Your Side' music video * as co-director

2020   Hornsey Lane band promo (London, UK)

            SGI Canada video experiences series for 'Shine as the Rainbow of Hope'

2019   'Wonder Chamber no  4 : France/Italy'

2018     'Women of the West' (tv pilot)

              'Root to Rise' (music video for Christina Enigma)

2017   'Mother Earth Warriors 2' (short doc Japan/Native America)

            'Sara Mallabar : De Fil en Aiguille'

            'Dennis Banks: A Tribute'

            'Wonder Chamber no 3 : Colombia'

2016   New film in production 'Untitled', first scene set at Mount Fuji

            'Coconut love'- Governor's Island (NYC) *fashion play in post-production

            'Les Vikings' (giant puppets play)

            'Ashes to Light' (art film/experimental fiction)

2015   Kazak 'Hiver Runique' collection Hiver 2015-2016 (brand film for Montreal fashion label Kazak)

            SGI Canada 'Voix du Futur' et 'A History of Canada'

           "Geneviève+Ariel'' - a love story

           'Mother Earth Warriors' (documentary for the Nowa Cumig Institute)

           'Helix' (music video with Japanese artist Kirilola) 

2014  'ShoSho Esquiro : Worth our Wait in Gold' fashion show video recap in Vancouver, BC

           'Desert Haiku : official trailer '

           'Green Means Go : New Mexico episode 2'

2013  'Grey Matter'  (dance film/music video/experiemental video for Cloud Face)

           'Green Means Go : New Mexico episode 1' (travel)

           'Kirilola in San Francisco' concert intro (loop)

           'Wonder Chamber no 3 : Thailand'

2012   'Nowa Cumig : The Drum Will Never Stop' (feature length on the Native American leader Dennis Banks)

            'Desert Haiku' (art film/experimental fiction)

            'The Mother Earth Tour 2012 - Japan edition' (documentary)

            'The Mother Earth Tour 2012' (American NorthWest, Suquamish Canoe journey, Onondaga)

            'Demonic Lovely' (music video for Le Chat Lunatique)

            'Breathe' (music video for Syndee Winters) *as cinematographer

             'Living Portrait : Monica Sunde' * as editor

            'TV pilot for Evolvement Productions' *as editor

             'Behind the Scenes for Kitaro and Dennis Banks' - recording their collaborative album, Domo Records

            'Cila Davines Paris'

2011    'The Nativo Loop' (experiental art projection)

             'The Mother Earth Tour 2011'

             'The Mother Earth Tour 2011 - Japan edition'

             'Swendo' TV commercial

2010     'Wonder Chamber no 2 : England'

             'The Mother Earth Tour 2010' (Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans and the Houma reservation)

             'The Mother Earth Tour 2010 - Japan edition'

              'Otero Mesa' (experiential documentary/art film)

              'Entourage' (fashion promo)

              'Inhabit' (real estate promo pieces)

              'Silverado' promo *as editor

2009    'Wonder Chamber no 1' (filmed in Japan and New Mexico : art film/experimental video)

             'Le Soul Reel' 

             '10,000 waves'

             'Earth & Sky' : a short documentary on the art & life of Navajo jeweller Ray Tracey               

              'Native Spirits for Mother Earth'

              'The Mother Earth Tour 2009' (Tokyo, Santa Fe)

              'Living Portrait : Gilles Jobin' * as editor

              'Living Portrait : Rosario Beauregard' *as editor and co-director

2008     'The Longest Walk 2' trailer

             'White Sands' (loop, experiential art projection)

              'Dia de los Muertos' (loop, experiential art projection )

             'The Great Anishinabe Canoe Race'

             'The Mother Earth Tour 2008 - Japan edition'

2007     'Wounded Knee Journey' (music video for Culture Shock Camp)

              'The Troublemakers Ball' (loop for Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers)                            

               'Indigenous Voices & Visions' (loop for Indian Market, Paolo Soleri)

               'Angels' Nest' (as editor only)

               'Lou Diamond' (music video for Project Babies)              

               'Pitbulls love Wireless'

               'Les aventures aériennes de Sarah et Marie-Michèle'

               'Jasbel 30'

               'Cane' trailer (TV show) * as editor

               'L.A. Auto Show' *as editor

               'Aliens in America' music video for The CW television network *as editor

               'Wolfgang Puck promo' * as editor

               'David Beckham Academy promo' * as editor

               'Salvation Army promo - San Diego fires' *as editor

               'Italian Week at South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, Orange County' *as editor and interviewer

               'Universal studios event - The Simpsons game release' *as editor

               'Electronic Arts - Need for Speed' game release tv coverage' *as editor

               'Not in My Family' * as production assistant

2006      'Snake Oil for the Lovelorn' (dance-theater promo piece for q-Staff Theater)

               'Coo-Contrast' (art promo piece for textile artist Eri Imamura)

               'Version 2.0' (dance-theater piece for ReadyMade Dance Theater Company)

               'I Got' Promo for B.E.T. television

               'The Folk Alliance Music Awards' video presentations

               'The Albuquerque Music Office' showcase of local talent (for South x Southwest)

               'The Tangerine Cafe promo' (design collective)              

               'The First U.S. Body painting competition'

               'Suicide Girl promo'

2005     'Catching The Light' (version 1)

              'Low Riders'

               'I Got' (music video for Project Babies)

               'Pure Evil' (music video for Sin Seven) 

               'Soka Gakkai International : a history'

               'From Seed to Supper' (for Readymade Dance Theater)

2004      'Sssss Beauty' (contemporary take on Sleeping Beauty)

               'Everybody is a Rockstar'  (video manifesto)

2003      ' Film-poem : Greece'

               'Detroit : Mo'Town & Silver Wheels'

               'L.A. Other Desert Cities'

2002      'Film-poem : NYC'

2001     'Symbiose'


               'Where the Wild Roses Grow'


2000    'The Making of the HMS Pinafore musical' (shot locally in South Australia)

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